Saturday, August 13, 2016

Can You Handle a Do It Yourself Remodel?

For most of us, the decision to handle any remodeling job ourselves is due to our expensive tastes and our modest budgets.

Often we have a vision of what we want to accomplish yet when we acquire bids from contractors we soon discover that our dreams are far out of reach of our budgets. For this reason, we suddenly decide that we can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars and do it ourselves. After all, it looks easy enough for all the do-it-yourself home shows we’ve watched on television.

Before you begin ripping out walls and tearing up your floor, there are some questions and things you have to look at. The first question you have to ask yourself and be honest is, do you have the skills, tools, and safety gear or can you acquire these skills, tools, and safety equipment? The next question you have to ask yourself is if you rent the tools and safety gear will you still save money. Then you have to look at the time that it will take you to complete your project. Many times when you tackle a remodeling project, and you have never attempted anything of this magnitude, go ahead and get the mindset that it will take you twice as long as the professionals. Therefore, you have also to add in what your time is worth and be honest with yourself as whether or not if you have the time to do the labor. Once you have answered these honestly, then you will have the answer as if you should tackle the remodeling job yourself or hire a contractor.

Unless you have a skill and confidence in your abilities as a do-it-yourselfer home remodeling projects that may be dangerous or, which require many skills you may want to consider hiring someone who will do the job right in the first place, avoiding you from making costly mistakes.

Last summer, my husband and I did a portion of the work in remodeling our bathroom ourselves. We tore out a wall, ripped up the vinyl flooring, and removed the old bathtub, sink, and toilet. Because we had tiled our kitchen the summer before, we felt confident that we could tile the floor and shower area. However, we left the plumbing to a professional plumber simply because we were moving the location of the tub and toilet and neither of us felt comfortable with this task. Once the plumber had moved the piping, my husband and I installed Hardibacker in and around the areas for the new tub, faucets, toilet, and sink. We then laid the stone tiles and installed all the fixtures. The plumber returned and inspected our work at no extra charge. The next step was to prep the walls and apply two coats of undercoat before we painted the walls and finished the job. The complete project cost us approximately $2,000.00 including what we spent when we hired a plumber and we saved over $3,000.00. We ended up with a very professional job that also added to the value of our home.

Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re renovating your home, you might consider the bathroom. The bathroom is frequently used and noticed. You can make your bathroom a new look with decorative touches, enclosures, cabinets, shower stalls, sinks, toilets, and mirrors. Home decorating is fun with the great variety of accessories available today.

While you want to stay within your budget, there are many different ways you can beautify your bathroom inexpensively. You only need to decide what appeals to your eye and what you want to accomplish. You can add new fixtures to your bathroom lights, for example, or select new flooring. Tile and ceramic blends are popular. You can use combinations of slate, marble, and stainless steel for interesting effects. Keep an eye on the overall impression of the room. If your bathroom is small, you can furnish more expensive items since you have less area to cover.

The most popular styles are country, contemporary, and traditional. You have a wide range of choices in expressing these styles through colors, fixtures, and details. The selection of vintage-looking fixtures, including freestanding tubs, pedestal sinks, and old-fashioned faucets, continues to grow.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Helping You Remodeling Your Bathroom

To assist you to avoid the pitfalls associated with home remodeling we've developed an informational website that can give you some helpful information on how to best complete your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
The bathroom is the place to relieve the stresses of modern life. With redesigning your bathroom, you can turn it into a privacy for relaxing and unwinding. The sinks, cabinets, bathtub and even the floor can be personalized to suit your tastes.

As the most used room in the house that needed to remodeling, the bathroom should have top priority. After you had owned your home for a time, the bathroom can become boring if nothing has been done since you moved in. Most likely your bathroom has the standard white sink, white tub, and white toilet. You can add a Warming bathroom floor,  fog-free mirrors, and a spa bath if you wish.

You can install a shower faucet with an anti-scald pressure regulator and avoid scalding water every time someone flushes the toilet. You can put crumbling tile in the shower with a maintenance-free shower surround. New grab bars in the shower, and a water-saver toilet with a new whirlpool tub aren’t bad ideas, either. You can choose from a small remodeling project to a major bathroom renovation, depending on the size of your budget and the amount of inconvenience you are willing to put up with.

Remodeling your Bathroom
Remodeling your Bathroom
If you hire a contractor, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom is about the same as the cost of a small car. If you do part or all of the remodeling yourself, you can save thousands. Many homeowners have been able to recoup about 85 percent of their remodeling costs upon selling their homes. This percentage is based on the recovery amount when a contractor is used.

If you’re considering a small project such as replacing the tub or shower, you should include flooring in your plan, as most new units won’t conform to the old flooring. You’ll also have to replace fixtures, such as the toilet. A small project can turn into a major remodeling job if you don’t plan carefully. You want to be happy with the results.

When making your remodeling bathroom plans, decide whether you want to keep the present layout or create a new one. Do you want to change the lighting? If so, what kind of lighting do you want? You can have lighting specific to each area or overall lighting. Do you want a bathroom floor warming system or do you want to stay with general heating? How about a place for greenery, a stereo, or TV? Fog-free mirrors? No more waiting or wiping the mirrors before you can see yourself! Plan carefully with an eye to your budget. Also, make sure you have other facilities to use while remodeling! Then when the project is finished, you and your family can enjoy your new bathroom. Get some great ideas here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Discount Bathroom Vanities

What You Will Love to Know about Discount Bathroom Vanities

Discount Bathroom Vanities
Discount Bathroom Vanities
If you think discount bathroom vanities are the second rate, made of cheap materials like totally worn out plywood, think again. A discounted home appliance or bathroom vanity doesn’t mean old style or low-performing products. Discounted bathroom vanities are also synonymous to quality vanities that can make your bathroom look surprisingly elegant and sophisticated. The good news is that: discounted vanities for your bathroom have wide selections that are sometimes way better-looking than new models of bathroom vanities. However, the most apparent differences are the price and the looks. The materials however of discounted bathroom vanities from reputable providers are not compromised, so there is no need to worry.

Luxurious Bathing Using Discount Bathroom Vanities

Discount Bathroom Vanities
Discount Bathroom Vanities
Who says quality bathing can only be done with those highly expensive bathroom amenities? Perhaps, they haven’t tried using discount bathroom vanities yet, nor they have tried enjoying all the benefits of quality bathing each vanity provides yet. Luxurious bathing with discounted bathroom vanities? Why not?

To get the most affordable bathroom vanities, you can browse online and check out the prices of every bathroom vanity you need. Many online shops offer bathroom vanities at discounted prices and they even include added bonuses if more purchases are made, talk about being completely practical. Whether you are opting for contemporary, glass bathroom vanities or antique vanities, it is still possible to get hold of a double sink for instance at over half off the retail price. You will be overwhelmed how prices can go so cheap even if you are about a beautiful and high-quality bathroom storage cabinet for example.

Read rave reviews about discount bathroom vanities before making a purchase make sure you are getting a good deal out of cheap-priced vanities. Bathroom vanities at discounted prices are also available in designer styles that highlight the newest fads. As long as your budget permits you to have quality yet affordable bathroom vanities, be smart enough and invest your money on vanities that will transform your bathroom space into an area that portrays your personal taste and lifestyle.

Some of the discount bathroom vanities that you can acquire include bathroom mirrors, sinks, storage cabinets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, glass vanities, and sink faucets among others. These bathroom vanities are the essential and should be found in every bathroom. Other accessories and vanities may be included in remodeling and upgrading your bathroom but make sure that each vanity gets passed a rigorous quality control process. It is important to assure quality and functionality at certain costs so as not to waste your money. Apparently, there is a large market for discounted bathroom vanities, but as a smart buyer, you have to be keen enough to determine which among the company included on the long list can deliver exceptional bathroom vanities that will only provide customer satisfaction. This way, every penny spent in purchasing any bathroom vanity will not be put into waste.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Total Satisfaction with Modern Bathroom Vanities

modern bathroom vanities
modern bathroom vanities
Though you may be a bit busy having thoughts on how to improve your entire home, take some time thinking how to remodel or enhance your bathroom first. You have to be particular in the final look of your bathroom and to get satisfied with the results, get your bathroom vanities—from your faucets to vessel sinks and complimentary accessories. Are you going for a traditional look or would you rather go along with the trend and opt for a contemporary look for your bathroom? To achieve total satisfaction, you better resort to modern bathroom vanities and be able to match everything together to bring out the real beauty of your bathroom.

A stunning bathroom is equipped with the right choice of bathroom vanities. Your bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom. If your bathroom vanities are tearing off or signs of cracks and damages are showing, it’s time to get new ones and perform remodeling, renovating, and replacement. To match with your high standards, get the most stylish and high-quality modern bathroom vanities that have outstanding finishes. Sleek glass vanities never fail to impress, and vanities made of porcelain will not just make your bathroom beautiful, but it will tell more of the owner’s classic and world-class preferences.

modern bathroom vanities
modern bathroom vanities
Modern bathroom vanities help maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom because they are easy to maintain. The presence of a glass mosaic tiles for instance for your sink is a bold statement of a luxurious bathroom. On the other hand, bathroom mirrors are not a just useful feature of your bathroom, but it gives an additional form that enhances the overall look of your bathroom. Decorative mirrors are available but the design to be chosen should be consistent with the theme you want to portray for your bathroom.

Glass vessel sinks are other essential modern bathroom vanities that should be found inside your bathroom. Yes, glass vessel sinks enhance the interior and functionality of your home but most importantly, you have to see to it that they are made of highest quality tempered glass that has scratch proof finishes. Get away from the traditional and bulky sinks by resorting to glass vessel sinks instead. You have to be particular in choosing the right faucet for your bathroom, too. Faucets don’t simply exist in your bathroom as decorations, but they are installed to provide full functionalities. Contemporary bathrooms should be equipped with faucets that are well-made, stylish, and can stand the rigors of daily use.

In choosing the designs and aesthetics of your modern bathroom vanities, keep in mind that simplicity is the secret. Bathroom vanities that emphasize minimal and uncluttered design are a priceless treasure lying inside your bathroom. Highlight the sophisticated look, characterized by each vanity and accessory you employ, to give your bathroom an exceptional look. Complete everything you need when you are inside the bathroom with bathroom vanities. And finally, bathroom renovation can be done effortlessly if you shop the finest bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Delicate Balance with Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

If you want to set a delicate balance inside the bathroom, the presence of a bathroom medicine cabinet is a must. Bathroom medicine cabinets are an essential part of every household’s bathroom as they store not just medicines but other equally important stuff you need when you use the bathroom like cosmetics and toiletries. The extra storage space provided is one of the many functions of a medicine cabinet. But to set a balance, a bathroom medicine cabinet is also a representation of one’s style. Moreover, it is also a proof of how organized a person can be. To set a stylish look to your bathroom, choose a bathroom medicine cabinet that exudes class and elegance.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Installation and Its Functionalities

Bathroom medicine cabinets store medicines and other aid equipment and supplies needed whenever you use the bathroom. There is a wide selection of medicine cabinets of varying shapes and designs that will perfectly fit along with your bathroom sink and other bathroom vanities. The common content of medicine cabinets is soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, disinfectants, germicides, bandages, cosmetics, and health tablets. However, it isn't fit to put too many supplies in your cabinet because this will cause cluttering.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets
Bathroom Medicine Cabinets
Refined and stylish medicine cabinets are not hard to find and are not hard to install at all. To get it done, you can place it near your bathroom mirror or sink. This keeps your stuff within easy reach and store toiletries and other essentials safely. In terms of size, medicine cabinets are typically made of two or three shelves. You can also opt for movable shelves so that arranging and organizing your medicine stocks and other stuff will be more convenient. Other medicine cabinets have mirrored door, which means you don’t need to have a separate bathroom mirror if your cabinet door is already a mirror.

Bathroom medicine cabinet size ranges from four to six feet and this size gives everybody access to what is inside the cabinet. However, if you have a bigger bathroom you can go for a bigger medicine cabinet and be able to maximize a bigger space. This way, users will not find difficulty finding things inside the cabinets and stocking more supplies. However, if kids are living with you, don’t store medicines in the lower shelves so that children will not reach them.

As for types of bathroom medicine cabinets, there are two. The first type is the recessed medicine cabinet and the other one is the surface mounted medicine cabinet. Both types can be installed on flat walls. You can use nails and fixtures in installing surface mounted cabinets as they are hanging on the wall. Recessed cabinets, on the other hand, are more space efficient because they are placed and fixed on the wall. Shapes available for medicine cabinets include oval, arched, rectangular, and round shapes. Whatever shape will fit the interior of your bathroom, see to it that it also matches your preference?

Indeed, new look intended for your bathroom while making it functional can be achieved.